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84 Year Old Woman Stops Smoking With Hypnosis!

Smoking. They....yes they...the people who only care about getting your money...steal your health, take your money- a lot of money (do the math), steal your life, take your children and grandchildren's time with you, make you stink, ruin food for you and make you gain weight, age your face...and so much more. How much longer will you give them all you have? Think you are too old? Read this recent review.

"I truly didn’t think it could happen in her lifetime...or ever would.

My mother started smoking at the age of 16. She grew up at a

time when smoking was cool and negligibly marketed as ‘good for your health.’

She smoked when she had all 3 of her children IN the hospital, because it was allowed!

She smoked for 58 years during which she was hospitalized more than a dozen times with pneumonia, developed COPD and suffered a lung collapse after a negative biopsy.

Let’s not forget the financial cost on top of all of that.

Giving up smoking was a constant battle.

For DECADES she would make attempts to quit only to go back to it. She desperately wanted to stop, but the addiction always won...until last month when she did hypnosis with Denise Oatley Hall.

Denise is renowned for her work as a Hypnotist. She is exceptional; passionate, uplifting, funny and pure genius.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of skepticism, cynicism and misunderstanding around hypnosis (Thanks, Get Out). However, my mother telling me to throw out her unfinished pack of cigarettes after the very first session says everything about how positively powerful hypnosis is with the right expert, in this case, Denise.

Not only has my mother stopped smoking, she no longer craves cigarettes AND she’s stopped getting leg cramps at night (she mentioned to Denise that this was a consistent problem as well).

My mother is now a non smoker and for the first time in her (and my) life she is confident she will remain just that.

If you are having a hard time breaking a habit that is draining your quality of life or breaking through to something you really want to losing weight (she does virtual gastric bypass too), book a consultation with Denise. She will let you know if you’re ready or not. If you are ready for a transformation, she will help you achieve it.

Thank you again, Denise. I am eternally grateful for you and for my mother’s breakthrough. Karen Graves"

No more excuses. The reason this worked so well is that she was ready to change. She knew it had to be now. She knew it had to be her that changed. And she did! Congrats Carol!

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