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The Laugh Specialist  

The Laugh Specialist, Denise Oatley Hall, has been making people laugh all her life.  As a variety entertainer, professional clown, speaker and singer she has performed before thousands, on stage, festivals, television and radio across the country and she brings all that experience to her Comedy Hypnosis Show.


Why choose Denise’s Comedy Hypnosis for your event?  The benefits are many and designed to handle all your concerns about entertainment.

"She took my belly button!"

~ Laughs with Denise Oatley Hall

What to expect FROM DENISE 




She is Board Certified in Clinical Hypnosis by the National Guild of Hypnotists and a highly trained Comedy Stage Hypnotist.  As a member of the NGH, she is required to have continuing education credits yearly.




As a Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Denise has performed for over 15 years for people of all ages and backgrounds. This includes private events, resorts, festivals, fairs, summer camps, high schools, colleges and her specialty ...corporate events.



Denise is upbeat, genial and engaging. She knows things don’t always go the way they are planned.  She will work with you to make your event memorable and smooth no matter the challenge, making your job easier.





Denise is respected in her industry and by her customers, as you can tell from her reviews. In 2018, she was chosen to perform the comedy hypnosis show for the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference in Chicago. This is an international conference.

Denise wowed the audience as the opening entertainment for the International Sales meeting of Bracco Diagnostics Inc, receiving a review of “Absolutely awesome!”


~ From the Holly Polo, Senior Manager of Sales and Events


"We had a great time tonight! Everyone loved it."

~ Happy Customer

And last, BUT NOT LEAST...

Denise is Funny and so is her show!

Denise’s playful, engaging style of comedy keeps both the audience and the stars laughing and intrigued.  People will leave with smiles on their faces and memories of laughter in their hearts, making you the hero.

 With Denise, whether it is an audience of fifty or five hundred, you can always count on a professional, top quality, respectful, safe, laughter-filled, memory making experience.


Just a few CLIENTS

Ford,  Met Care, Macy’s, Subway, Metropolitan Health Works, Bracco Diagnostics Inc., Transitions Optical, People’s Bank, VisionAmerica, American Racing PigeonConvention, Bradenton Kiwanis, The Masons, The Bollinger Group, Safron, Bay Area Renaissance Festival, Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, Collier County Fair, Osceola Public Libraries, Hillsborough Public Library and many more.

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