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Change Your Mind...
Change Your Life!

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"Mindset is Everything!"

~ Denise Oatley Hall


 Are You Ready For Change?

   Ready to write a new life story?

     Ready to break free from the old narratives?  

       Ready to embrace a future feeling vital, and 


                Look no further.

               The solution lies within your own mind.


Change your mind, change your life—

start your journey to feeling good again today.

Dare Now!  Call me for a complimentary consultation to see what's possible. Virtual sessions are just a click away!

Denise Oatley Hall - logo.png
Dandelion Fields

Specializing in
Intuitive Weight Transformation

Does This Sound Like You??

  • You have lost hope that you can ever be in control of food again.

  • You have been on every diet possible only to gain more weight and spend more money trying the next, new diet. 

  • You're fed up eating food you dislike on someone else's say so.

  • You want to sit down to a meal and enjoy your food knowing your body is getting what it wants AND needs. 

  • You love every item in your closet because everything makes you feel and look amazing.

  • You dream of the freedom and power of eating habits that keep you healthy and slim.


You can take control, return to a natural healthy weight, be more active, feel peace around eating and so much more. The Dare Now: Intuitive Weight Transformation Program allows you how to do exactly that.

Here is what you will receive.


  •  Hypnosis in every session to transform your thinking, shedding old beliefs for thoughts in tune with your current life and goals.

  • Achieve peace with food, moving beyond the "good or bad" labels to see food simply as food.

  • Learn to tune into your body's cues, knowing when you are truly hungry and when you are satisfied.

  • Benefits from the Virtual Gastric Band technique for immediate satisfaction with less food, enhancing intuitive body awareness.

  • Reconnect with your natural, intuitive eating abilities, a skill you were born with.

  • Acquire techniques to manage cravings, sugar intake, stress, and daily challenges effectively.

  • Embrace a diet-free approach by listening to your body's needs and responses.

  • Receive a downloadable guide for the program with all the information.

  • Learn a sustainable, natural system of eating, that you can use for the rest of your life without dieting.

  • A daily reinforcement recording to solidify your new habit of listening.


From weight loss to laughing out loud at an event, change - work is truly amazing.  Learn more about the services I offer below.

 Free Hypnosis Relaxation MP3 
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