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"Change Your Mind, Change Your Life - Feel Good."

~ Denise Oatley Hall


Are You Tired of Being Stuck?

Stuck with old habits like overeating, smoking, nail-biting,  and other behaviors?
Stuck in fear, worry, stress, or pain?
Stuck with limiting beliefs and old thoughts keeping you from living the life you crave?


    It’s time to get unstuck!   

        It’s time to take control! 

            It’s time to feel good!

                    ...I have the solution!

Get your self unstuck!  Call me for a complimentary session to see what's possible now.   Virtual sessions are just a click away!

Dandelion Fields

Specializing in

Virtual Gastric Band

Does This Sound Like You??

  •  You have been on every diet possible   and you are sick of dieting.

  •  You feel like a failure.

  •  You worry about your health due to   excess weight.

  •  You are tired of not being able to be   as active as you like.

  •  You have lost hope that you can ever   be slim, fit and healthy again.


Learn More about my Game Changer Weight Control system which has a 90% success rate!

Hypnosis Services

From weight loss to laughing out loud at an event, hypnosis is truly amazing.  Learn more about the hypnosis services I offer below.

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