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People have asked me about the dandelions on my site, cards and products. Dandelions have always been a favorite of mine with their sunny color and whimsical seeds that float like fairies. What child hasn’t plucked a downy plant, held it to her lips and blown the traveler seeds into the wind with a wish? It is magical.


Recently I asked an artist to design a business card that would reflect what I wanted to give to people through my business .When I got the proof, I could not keep my eyes off the design in the middle. I did not know what it was, but I loved it! So, I asked the artist what it was and how he came to put that design on my card. He explained.


“When you told me about your business, I could see that you help people to breathe easily, extend their lives and happiness. You give them second chances and fresh starts. So, I thought of the dandelion as a symbol for you.”

It was then I realized why I loved it so much.


Across the world, the dandelion holds the symbolism and secret meaning for many people. Here are just a few secrets of the Dandelion:


  • Healing in physical and emotional way


  • Emotional intelligence


  • Heat and the power of the sun


  • Youthful attitude and long-lasting happiness


  • Surviving through all of the difficult moments in life and being triumphant


  • Wishes coming to life.


Hypnosis gives fresh breath, freedom, new beginnings, helps wishes come true and so much more.


Now know you know why I choose the Dandelion to represent my business!

Why the dandelion?

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