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Give Up Dieting To Gain Your Sanity and Health

There are so many diets, eating styles, and techniques to drop pounds that it is dizzying. And full disclosure, I have probably used most or all of them during my lifetime...

I started dieting in 7th grade! My friend and I drank this new product called “Carnation’s Instant Breakfast” and called that lunch. Were we overweight? No, but we did not look like Twiggy either!

I had grown up around women and older girls who were always talking about losing weight to keep attractive. On TV, the only women shown in a positive light were skinny girls and attractive thin women. This was also true of magazines, billboards, and movies (think of all the beach movies from that era). I “caught” the teaching without anyone ever saying a word to me. The message was clear. The better I looked, the more valuable I was and stay skinny or you are doomed to a life alone. So began my dieting journey. I would end up yo-yo dieting for most of my adult life until I changed my mind.

You see I knew I needed to make changes. Don’t eat a box of saltines and a half-pound of butter when you have a breakup. (This may sound sickening to you, but I much prefer it over ice cream.) Don’t use food for comfort, right? Don’t eat when you are not hungry. Forget those cupcakes you are being offered that Grandma made just for you. But…it’s a birthday party, anniversary, wedding, bridal party, Thanksgiving, Christmas party, any party, it would be rude not to eat...isn't it? You get the drift. And you know, you will never get one again! There are so many reasons for us to eat all-the-time.

But I thought I had to have will power and intention! I did have some, just not enough. Every time I started a new diet, I had all the will power and intention in the world for about two weeks or until I really craved something that was not on the diet. Then I was back at the beginning believing I was a failure…again.

But finally, I discovered that weight loss and maintenance was an inside job. In my hypnosis training, I realized that with hypnosis, I could break up those old thinking (programs) about food and replace them with healthy new thinking that would support a healthy new life without dieting. And that is exactly what I did.

Using hypnosis and following the Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss System, I began to change. I started listening to my body, eating smaller portions of whatever I wanted, and feeling satisfied. There was no more guilt around food, no more “bad” foods. I began to learn to slow down, listen in, and trust my body and myself for my wellbeing. I felt better about myself and how I looked. I discovered ways to comfort and care for myself that aligned with a healthy body. And the weight began to come off, all the while eating what satisfied me without denying myself anything. I am healthy and free from the insanity of dieting.

So, this is why I am so passionate about this system and helping others. I want others to experience the health and freedom that I have found. And I am not alone. This method has been successful across the world for thousands of people for over 10 years. Here is just one example. This woman found that freedom without dieting and you can too!

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