About Denise


A Little History

In my life, I’ve had the pleasure of wearing many hats including-Artist, Performer, Singer, Actor, Instructor and even green breaking quarter horses! After being a professional clown for almost 25 years, I decided to make a lateral move and become a Comedy Stage Hypnotist in 2004. I entered a yearlong mentorship with Stage Hypnotist Lori Michaels and I was hooked. It was during this time that I also discovered the power hypnosis has to change lives. So, I enrolled and completed a master course with Hypnotist Gerald Kein- a world renowned expert in Hypnosis. I also became a Board Certified Hypnotist certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. These days I travel the country performing Comedy Hypnosis, Speaking and I have a Consulting Hypnosis practice specializing in Weight Management and Smoking Cessation in Tampa, Florida.


Why I Do What I Do


Here is my life calling–Laughter and making a positive difference in the lives of others. That is what lights me up! Hypnosis, both Comedy Hypnosis and Consulting Hypnosis changes lives! I get to empower others. I help them release old thinking and create powerful new thinking that supports the life they want now. They feel and think better when they leave my stage or my office. I get to make people laugh and laugh hard! (But then you should have caught on to that since I was clown, right?) I can’t imagine anything better.



As a practicing Consulting Hypnotist, I attend training every year through conferences, workshops and distance training. After all, this is an art and a practice. I aim to stay on the cutting edge.


One Year Mentorship Stage Hypnotist Lori Michaels


Omni Hypnosis Master Hypnotist Certification–Gerald Kein


Board Certified Hypnotist National Guild of Hypnotists


Best Practices of Dave Elman–Sean Michael Andrews, Col Larry Elman


Instant and Rapid Inductions–Sean Michael Andrews


Jeffry Stephens Protocol–Rob De Groof


Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band-Sheila Granger


Quit-Smoking Cessation Program–Jess Marion and Sarah Carson


NLP Basic Training–Will Horton Basic E.F.T.–Gary Craig



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